We have created this software specially for professional traders who looks for better trading conditions: faster execution, lower slippage etc. FIX  API Trader allows you to use your favorite mt4 expert advisors, mt4 indicators, mt4 scripts for trading on fix api market data and send orders to fix api broker via fix api trading connection.

How it is possible? Our software receives market data via fix api protocol from fix api broker and convert it into MT4 data format. In this case you can create MT4 chart based on fix api market data (quotes). You can create not only standard MT4 charts like m1, m5, m15, m30, h1, h4, d1, w1, mn1, but also not standard charts like m2, m20, h3… as well. (This additional option allows you to improve your trading strategy.)

Then you can add your mt4 (mql4) indicator, ea, script on this chart. Your EA receives quotes from fix api broker and sends orders to fix api brokers. It is not copier! It is direct fix api trading software. There are many benefits of using FIX API. You will have total control over the process of transferring and receiving data without any kind of intermediary or middle-ware software. Contrast this with the MT4 execution chain:

Client Terminal => MT4 Trade Server => MT4 Bridge => Aggregator => Liquidity Provider


 If you a manual trader, you can use fix api trader order windows for manual trading. It is very useful for news traders, because you can preset SL, TP, Trailing stop. It is very easy to move sl to breakeven level etc. You can use Market orders and Limit FOK and IOC orders as well

You also can get Level II volumes to MT4 for for subsequent analysis.