High Frequency Trading Results

Below are several charts that show the performance of our trading and is verified by FXBlue.Com. The first chart is a picture of the growth in balance since March 21, 2016, with a $10,000 Account:

As you can see, we turned $10,000 into $37,755.04 in about 70 days. It get’s even better as we continue to break these results down using a fine toothcomb.

Look at this chart here for some impressive numbers:

• ROI of +277.6 % during this period of time.

• wins 74.2% of it’s trades and has a profit factor of 7.13.  It also only takes on average 2.8 trades per day and stays in trades on average only 13.8 minutes. This means you aren’t holding trades for days on end thus decreasing your market exposure risk.

• Particularly impressive is a peak to valley drawdown of just -1.1%.

This next chart shows the average win vs. the average loss for each currency pair/CFD that the Software trades. It’s pretty impressive considering that the average win is in many cases two to three times larger than the average loss.

As you can see on average most markets are performing between $120 and $230 on the winning trades and only losing on average between $60 and $110 on the losing trades. And with an impressive profit factor of 7.13, you can continue to expect above average returns in the months and years ahead.

The other good news is that when you trade with our high-frequency software, market conditions and changes don’t matter. In fact the more volatile the market is the better performs.

On the next page, take a look at the trades that Forex A2 captured during the last Non-Farm Payroll day on May 6, 2016. There were 49 trades made with only 9 of them being small losses. Over 698.6 pips and $13,178.65 in profit were captured on this single day alone.

Notice also that the majority of trades didn’t happen until at least 4 minutes after the actual non-farm payroll announcement at 8:30am EST. And as you can see, the results speak for themselves... which is exactly what you want in an automated trading system.

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