Many professional forex traders know that brokers are more loyal to the traders who trade manually, than to traders who use forex robots. There is a simple explanation:  a forex robot can do the same job (to make the analysis, mathematical calculations, send, modify, close order) a thousand times faster than human.

For this reason, forex brokerŅ‹ create better trading conditions for manual traders then for auto-trading. And some of them even prohibit auto-trading (expert advisor’s usage).

This kind of brokers explain their decision by the fact that forex robot can harm their software (MT4 server and bridge). Experienced trader knows that this is just an excuse. In fact, such behavior can be expected from brokers who used all sorts of beech by trying to bamboozle you. I would like to note that the statement on the website that the broker ECN, DMA, STP -in fact it can not mean anything.

In order to circumvent the problem of poor trading conditions for auto trade, we have developed software for “Manual Trading Emulation”. Software works like human (move mouse) and broker will never understand that it is automated trading. It is possible to use it for brokers who totally prohibit expert advisors.

This software is integrated with two our products: Latency (1-leg) Arbitrage and Hedge (2-legs) Arbitrage. But you can use it for your own expert advisor. It is only one requirement: you need to have source code for expert advisor, because some simple programming is required. We provide detailed explanation how to integrate software into your own forex robot, but if you can’t do it by yourself, our team can help you for reasonable extra fee.

If you buy “Manual Trading Emulation” software you can use it for all your licenses for BJF 1 Leg Arbitrage Software, for all your licenses, and for BJF 2 Legs Arbitrage Software for all your licenses, and for your own forex robot as well.

autoclick for mt4 for latency trading

It is no extra codding needed to use “Manual Trading Emulation” with 1 and 2 Legs Arbitrage software, you just need to check “

 hand mode emmulation for hedge arbitrage

To receive the best performance using  “Manual Trading Emulation”, you need to optimize your vps server.It is two important things which you need to do:


1. Disable visual effects to make the desktop faster.

You can find visual effects settings in Advanced tab of the System Properties window.

It can be: Control Panel -> Display Properties -> Appearance-tab -> Effects-button

Or Control Panel -> System -> Advanced-tab -> Performance Settings-button -> Visual Effects-tab.

You also can google “Disable visual effects windows xxx” where xxx – your win os versio

windows visual effects

2. Deactivate all symbols in MT4 market watch window which you do not want to trade

mt4 market watch window


Good luck!

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