FIX API is typically used for netting purposes due to the institutional origin and popular application of the API, but cTrader FIX API support now position managing for hedge accounts. 

Spotware Systems announce with their recent update, trading with hedging accounts via FIX API is now fully supported and details can be found in their updated Rules of Engagement. The scope of cTrader’s FIX API now includes application messages for Request for Positions and Position Report to allow traders to manage open positions through FIX API.

We updated our software and you can use now our Latency Arbitrage, Hedge Arbitrage, Locking Arbitrage and FIX API Trader not only with netted accounts  with hedge accounts as well.

If you alsredy have cTrader connector, just download and install the latest version of software. Use the same downoad link like you used before.

cTrader connector allows you to use  Latency Arbitrage (1-leg), Hedge Arbitrage (2-legs), Locking Arbitrage with any ctrader account (netted or hedge). 

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