We have received feedback from our clients who are using the Deep Analysis-Arbitrage Software DAAS program and based on this feedback we wanted to tell you which strategies are the best for which goals.

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What built-in arbitrage strategy is suitable for you

DAAS has many built-in strategies, One Leg Arbitrage, Lock Arbitrage, LockCL Arbitrage, LockCL2 Arbitrage, Hedge Arbitrage, Triangular Arbitrage, and Statistical Arbitrage. Let us start by saying that you need to determine what you want to do and with what deposit you want to do it.

Arbitrage trading with small deposits

If you want to use MT4 or MT5 accounts with a small deposit to trade then I recommend that you choose from the Lock, LockCL or LockCL2 as these strategies allow you to work with one account or with two accounts and allow you to hide your arbitrage trading from the broker.

DAAS lockCL2 built-in arbitrage strategy

If you are working with a medium-sized deposit $3,000 -$20,000, when your lots are already larger than 0.1, then it’s better to mix these strategies, Lock, LockCL or LockCL2 with the Triangular and statistical built-i arbitrage strategies. If we want to trade only currencies, triangular arbitrage built-in will allow you to create rings for different currencies and hence have a non-toxic volume.

triangular builtpin arbitrage strategy

Strategies Lock, LockCL or LockCL2 will allow you to make money faster and hide arbitrage trading activity with triangular arbitrage.

So a combination of these strategies, Lock, LockCL or LockCL2 with triangular arbitrage, gives you a good opportunity to create profits on currency pairs, but if you want to trade for example Gold or CFDs, then it's best to add statistical arbitrage built-in strategy, which will help you open non-toxic orders on prestigious metals as well as CFDs and hence in combination with Lock, LockCL or LockCL2 you can receive good profits while mixing toxic flow of strategies from lock cl or lock cl2 with non-toxic such as a triangular arbitrage.

statistical built-in arbitrage strategy

Arbitrage trading on Large deposits

If your deposit is very large, so large sums starting from $20 thousand, and you would like to use FIX API then we recommend using the Hedge Arbitrage built-in strategy as the base strategy as it will allow you to build comparisons of quotes between fix API, MT4,MT5 accounts and hence this strategy will help hide arbitrage and can be mixed with triangular or statistical arbitrage.

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Crypto Currencies Arbitrage

Hedge strategy are also useful for those who want to trade cryptocurrencies, if you want to trade cryptocurrencies, between crypto exchanges, then you can use a hedge arbitrage strategy. In this case, you will set up one crypto-exchange on one side and another crypto-exchange on the other and use this built-in hedge strategies for two-way trading.

First is trading on two or more accounts for example Binance crypto exchange vs Huoby crypto exchange, and the other way would be on one account with fast quotes on exchanges which have fast quotes For example Binance crypto exchange.

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If you have one FIX API account and your fix API broker does not have anti arbitrage plugins, and is only interested in volume, one leg arbitrage can be used on a FIX API account, if you want to use one leg for fast profits on MT4 or MT5 and then close your account and change brokers, then one leg will work for you as well.


So let’s make a summary of our findings, if your deposits are tiny then you should start with One leg Latency Arbitrage or Lock, LockCL or LockCL2 arbitrage built-in strategy masking Lock, LockCL or LockCL2 for small or medium deposits, is well done with triangular or statistical build in arbitrage strategies.

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Arbitrage for currency is hidden by triangular, and statistical for prestigious metals or CFDs, if your deposits are larger, Hedge Arbitrage is used, but it does not change that Lock, LockCL or LockCL2 can be used between two or more FIX API accounts. Hedge built-in arbitrage strategy will also be needed when you're trading cryptocurrencies, and One Leg Latency Arbitrage for trading with a FIX API account on one broker. Thank you!

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