Introduction Video about VIP Deep-Analysis Arbitrage Software “DAAS”

Video Script

Hello today We would like to tell you how to install and set up our new product Deep Analysis Arbitrage Software DAAS. After you downloaded the version you start the installer and input your application keys.
This is your user id and your secret key which you need to request via email from us. After you input these, you click next and then install. On your desktop, you will see this icon which you need to run as administrator.
Right click it and select run as administrator. If you put in the key and the license id correctly then you will see this window in which you will see two feeders already added. One from London and one from New York, which you can use if you use Latency Arbitrage or one leg Hedge Arbitrage, so for any of your needs. Now you need to add your accounts.
You can also see the login of the price and trading connect and to see the quote window in this window you can see if there are quotes for your symbols which helps you determine a problem if a symbol has a suffix or has a non-standard denomination. In alerts, you can set these up using telegrams, we have a video which explains this, you can trade or not trade using news using the news filter, if you click here you will see a news window which we can call upon and edit which news we want to use to trade or which news you want to ignore.
Next, settings. You can set your settings and save them, and in the journal, you can see the logs of how the program works. We will start with adding a session, the name of the session should be a name which reminds you what session it is, I will enter mt4 broker
If there's an MT4 broker, write MT4 if it's MT5 and so on. There are also crypto connectors, so you can choose any type of connection which you will need and then use it with the program. For our purposes we select mt4. Here you will see a window in which you need to add a symbol for. You can add them manually, or you can upload them via file.
We click load from file and see the standard list of symbols. You can edit, remove, and add symbols but for the symbol to work, it needs to be selected. If you selected euro us and EURJPY, you would only have these two symbols, but you can always edit session and add other symbols. You need to put the IP port into here, we also talked about how to find these in the mt4 and mt5 terminals in a previous video, I copied them onto a file and i will get them from there. In my case it is this. We log in and enter the password and press okay. I will add another broker.
MT4 broker 2. You also follow the previous steps from here. We connected the first broker, and it's connected and does the same for broker two. You can see your balance and equity for these brokers, we will look at the quotes. If this session is selected, you can see that we have euro yen and the quotes for this. I am not sure why quotes are not popping up for EURUSD I will check it out. Here everything is okay, but something is wrong. We will reconnect, we will click okay again, click connect, and now we check again. Everything works! We see quotes for both symbols, so we can use these two brokers in the future. After you add these sessions, I remind you once again that it can be MT4, FIX API, MT5, cTrader, or Crypto.
You will create a strategy. You can add those strategies which you have paid for. I have all strategies unlocked. So, this is one leg, this is regular latency arbitrage in relation to the fast feed which I already showed you, the London or New York ones. These are added by default. Then it could be a lock strategy, lock could be on one account or on two accounts, we recommend it on two accounts, but many users want to use it on just one, so you have a choice. There is a LockCL arbitrage strategy about it. We have a long post about it on our blog. There is also a chance to use single sessions as before, but now you can use it between two brokers. Same story for LockCL2 arbitrage strategy. There is also hedge, which is a multi leg triangle and statistical arbitrage. We will start with lock cl, for two sessions. We click on it and the program will ask right away if we want to create a default symbol list, and you will click yes.
This window will open which will allow you to set up a LockCL between two of the brokers, and you select the first and second broker. After this we will edit the settings, the settings are analog of our latency arbitrage, so I won't talk about them much, you can watch a video or read a pdf about lock and latency arbitrage on our site and all the settings are the same. To exit the window, you click apply and fast quote session, since it is a lock or latency there are fast quotes, so we need to specify which feeder we will use, any of the added sessions could be used as a fast session for example it is London, and we select this here.
We changed this and applied our settings, and now we will look at the instruments. The instruments have the same grid as in our other programs, so I won't talk about this much, you need to set up this grid in the same way and after this the strategy will work.
There is also a button to start everything, when you click it the strategy initiates and works between these two brokers. If you want to add another strategy you can use the same combinations of brokers or a different combination of brokers, so any session could exist between different combinations for example you can click broker one here and select broker two here. If you have FIX API it could me MT4 in relation to FIX API, and you can use any other combinations including with crypto and feeds you can use all of those in this program.

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