Today I would like to tell you about a new important change for built-in latency arbitrage strategy in the Deep-Analysis Arbitrage Software “DAAS”, which was created for clients who want to trade latency on the crypto exchanges.

And which need to use the feeder as a fast feeder, we will add a strategy, for example, one-leg arbitrage, and we will not create the default symbol as the default symbol is for currencies. We go to the settings and choose Binance crypto exchange for the fast-feed for example, we can choose MT4 or MT5, but i will choose the crypto-exchange Huobi.

leverage for crypto exchanges

So our new settings have leverage included, if you are trading without leverage you leave this as 0 if the crypto exchange has leverage but is not adjustable  and it’s constant, you will put one, and if the crypto exchange has leverage, you can just put the value into here, depending on the leverage you have. Other than leverage you need to also specify the mapping for your exchanges. So on the left side like usual it will be the mapping on the exchange which has the fast quote session and on the right side will be the slow, sorry i have a file here. So BTCUSDT is for binance and btcusdt in lowercase here, and for all of them you will map them in a column and apply changes. After you clicked apply changes you can go-to instruments and orders and add the symbol. Here will we specify BTCUSDT as we have on the fast feed.

percent for latency arbitrage for crypto arbitrage

Next, we have a field: units, and in points was for forex but for the crypto you put percentage. Here you have stop loss, take profit, min profit,, trailing distance, slippage, and difference to open in percentage, this is made especially for crypto symbols which have different values after the comma and different values of the minimum fraction and so on. All of these values will be specified in percent.

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