VIP Deep-Analysis Arbitrage Software DAAS LockCL3 built-in arbitrage strategy was created for possibilities to do arbitrage on one account and use another one only for locking. 

In our example, we use Side 2 for arbitrage and Side 1 for locking purposes. It means we will not searching fr arbitrage situations on Side 1. 

lockcl3 built-in arbitrage strategy

How to setup LocCL3 built-in Arbitrage Strategy

1. You need to select on which side you allow arbitrage, and on which don’t. If you will not select “Allow open” on one of the sides, you will need to open the initial lock manually or with the “Reopen lock after”  function.

2. Once the initial lock is created, if the arbitrage situation happens - in the reverse direction to the order opened on the side where arbitrage is allowed – this order will be closed and the “virtual” order will be created and trailed. After the price hits S\L or T\P of the virtual order, the real order will be opened on the same side. So again we will have a lock on both sides and step 2)   is repeated again and again while the lock is not closed manually or by some close condition.

Important note: Since in this strategy when the initial lock is opened, one of the sides always holds the open order and doesn’t close it on arbitrage, the other side will treat the arbitrage opportunities only in one direction. That is why if you want to handle the arbitrage opportunities in both directions, we suggest you create a setup (for each trading symbol) as shown in the picture below.

lockcl3 built-in arbitrage strategy symbols setup

For each symbol, we create 2 instrument lines: one with the BuyOn1  initial direction, and the other with SellOn1 initial direction. Comments for both sides also should be different. So in this case you will not miss any arbitrage opportunity.

Video about built-in LockCL3 Arbitrage Strategy

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