Video: VIP Deep Analysis Arbitrage Software “DAAS” Presentation

Today I would like to give you some details on DAAS, a software that we created a few months ago, I would like to tell you why there was a need for this product and why it is so powerful. Many traders try to use arbitrage on the modern market and face challenges doing this. And the main task of a trader is to lead the broker to believe that he is trading without any systemic knowledge and a confident strategy and that in the end, the trader will lose his money. 


This makes the broker skeptical and ignores the trader’s strategy. Any standard arbitrage strategy created based on latency will not give you such an option as many brokers and dealers have the tools which allow them to discover the entry points of a strategy and compare them to arbitrage situations, and this allows for them to see if 90 percent of entries were entered on an arbitrage situation, your account will be flagged. 


Using hedging strategies to mask latency arbitrage helps the account live longer but if the broker is using modern technologies this is just a short-term fix, and you will need to change your account, brokerage companies, often while using latency arbitrage. This method is still valid and is more profitable and less risky than any other method of trading and even if you are looking for a brokerage company and only trading for a couple of months a year you will receive more profit with minimal risk, but how can you create a system where you don't have to change your brokerage company so often. We set some goals for ourselves before developing VIP Deep-Analysis Arbitrage Software “DAAS”


The first was to simulate manual trading while the speed of opening and closing positions should be as fast as possible. Secondly, the ability to hedge orders between different platforms and markets, for example between mt4 and mt5 or mt4, and fix API, fix API and crypto exchange, and so on. So we needed to have multiple variants of this strategy usage. We also needed the ability to use different strategies on the same account. If you have 3 accounts, you need to be ankle to use different strategies between this account, so the first account should be able to use hedge and triangle and so on. 


We have built such an algorithm that allows the inclusiveness of fast feeders in different data centres, connects to different platforms, as well as a plethora of constantly updating strategies, and this mix will allow us to hide arbitrage trading for the broker.

For example, we have account 1 account 2, and account three which use different strategies such as triangle, statistical, hedge lock arbitrage, and accounts 1 and 3 can be on different platforms. This way, when you have different strategies opening orders, you will see many open orders on your account and profit will flow from one to the other account due to trends or flats, and this will ensure that the arbitrage won’t be obvious. Triangle and statistical arbitrage will stay up for longer and examples order from lock will stay up shorter, but it’ll be a difference of many minutes and hours to completely hide the trail. The job was also to avoid all brokers plugins, and we made it so opening two locks on two accounts will be done with a delay, and the broker won’t be able to tell that you opened a EURUSD buy and EURUSD sell in different directions if you have two separate accounts. The time between these orders will be a pause, and you can even use different sized lots which will hide arbitrage even more, likewise, orders will be up on the market for a long time and will be closed only after a certain change in price, for example not only after 2 pips but for example 30 pips, this helps camouflage your strategy even further. For this exact reason, we have a pause between orders which helps differentiate your strategy from high-frequency strategies, for example, if you are trading on news the program won’t let you open orders too often.  So it would be a full imitation of manual trading.

We have a product that allows you to utilize these different strategies and setups to your advantage and this video shows it in action.

Vide: DAAS in action

This is a multi-window interface and every window is for a separate strategy, so this can be latency arbitrage strategy, lockcl arbitrage strategy, lockcl2, statistical, triangle, hedge arbitrage strategy, and so on, which can be mixed and camouflage your arbitrage from the broker. For now, this is the only product which is on the market which is so powerful and performs this function we are extremely proud of our creation and wish you luck with our new product.


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