Now we are able to provide our customers with fast feed for several Crypto Symbols, and if you already have licenses on Lock Arbitrage or Latency Arbitrage - it is free for you.

Fast feed is available for: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple

crypto symbols

You can use fast feed for Latency Arbitrage and (or) Locking Arbitrage Software.

How to setup Lock Arbitrage Software

First of all you need to map symbols, because crypto currencies symbols names on feeder can be different with your MT4 or FIX API Broker.

If you want to use MT4 broker, you can check crypto symbols names and what symbols are available in MT4 Market watch window. You need to click right mouse button on MT4 market watch window and select “Show All”.

MT4 terminal available crypto currencies

You can map symbols in “Aditional symbol mapping” window. On right side should be symbols name like on feeder, then =:






And on left side symbol name for your MT4 or FIX API broker.

 lock arbitrage crypto symbols mapping



Then you need to check minimal lot size for each symbol, because some broker will not allow you to trade 0.01 lot size.

MT4 lot size for crypto symbols

And next step – you need to adjust parameters for Lock arbitrage software or Latency Arbitrage Software.

lock latency arbitrage crypto symbols settings

Symbol name - crypto symbol name like on feeder;

Start time – Stop time – trading period (VPS time);

Lot size – your lot size, should be higher or equal for minimal allowed lot size;

S/L – stop loss value, we recommend to set little bit higher then spread on slow broker;

T/P – take profit value;

Min profit – min profit value, we recommend to set like spread on slow broker or little bit higher;

Pips for min profit – you can leave 0;

Diff to open - Difference to open, , we recommend to set little bit higher then spread on slow broker;

Max Spread Slow – should be on 20-40% higher then current spread on slow broker;

Max Spread Fast - should be on 20-40% higher then current spread on fast broker.


For our opinion it is better to use FIX API broker for trading if broker provides crypto CFDs, or use VIP Crypto Arbitrage Multileg Software. You can check trading results here.

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