We have created One Click Trading Panel For FIX API Trader, which allows you to do manual order entry, as you can do on FIX API Trader orders management panel, and modification on offline MT4 charts [generated from FIX API quotes].
Now you can quickly drag and drop the Take Profit (TP), Stop Loss (SL) and order entry levels like you can do in MT4 while visually being able to see price charts.

one click for fix api trader

You can use market and pending orders with pre-determined Stop Loss and Take Profit levels that are live as soon as the position is entered and modify any order level by dragging it in the MT4 shell. You can pre-set Break Even (BE) and Trailing Stop (TS) as well.

Hedging mode in FIX API Trader is available now as well - so that it simulates hedged orders both being open instead of them being closed. This makes it easier to manage all orders in any direction according to their own parameters.
Expert Advisor can be attached to multiple offline charts at the same time with any chart you choose to use with all of them working for live trading.
If your FIX API broker doesn’t allow pending orders (like PrimeXM for example) so the MT4 shell allows you to host pending orders before price reach pending order level.