This Trading robot is software is for fully automated or semi-automated trading on forex market. Forex robot scan be programmed for different trading platforms like MT4, MT5, cTrader, DukasCopy (Jforex), or for trading via FIX API Protocol.
First, you need to describe the trading algorithm for your trading system. If you have your own trading system, and you successfully use it for manual trading – it is a good idea to make it fully automated, because:

1.    You will be able to test your trading system on historical data and find and eliminate all weaknesses;
2.    You will be able to optimize your trading system on historical data and find the best values for your indicator settings, stop loss, take profit etc
3.    You will be able to recode your system for different platforms and find the best broker/platform for your system
4.    You will be able to improve your strategy
5.    Coder can advise you some extra options to improve your strategy
6.    You will be able to trade 24/5

If you do not have your own trading system, you can find descriptions of proven trading systems on forex forums, blogs etc.
This is a description of trading strategy and this is a set of clear rules. Some of rules are:

1.    Used standard indicator(s);
2.    Used custom indicator(s) - it is not necessary to have source code for indicator(s);
3.    Trading terminal;
4.    Rules for buy and order type(s);
5.    Rules for sell and order type(s);
6.    How many orders simultaneously can be open
7.    Rules for close buy;
8.    Rules for close sell;
9.    Close position by Stop Loss;
10.    Close position by Take profit;
11.    Position tracking with trailing stop;
12.    Different filters for position opening;
13.    Different filters for position closure;
14.    Lot size calculation rules;
15.    Protection
16.    Etc.

Example of trading strategy description

1.    Trading Strategy for MT4 Terminal (programming language MQL4)
2.    Used Indicators:
Keltner Channels Indicator – custom indicator
Exponential Moving Average – standard indicator
3. Only one position can be open
4. Rules for Open orders (Market orders)
BUY order should be placed when EMA crosses upper Keltner channel
SELL order should be placed when EMA crosses bottom Keltner channel

5. SL (Stop Loss) should be set right on the middle of Keltner Channel Indicator
TP (Take Profit) Option 1: should be fixed at 10 PIPs. (remember you are on 5min chart)
6.    Position tracking with trailing stop – SL order should be placed if profit in pips is higher then the external TrailingStopProfit value. If price moving in favorable direction, EA should move SL in the same direction in other case SL can’t be move in no favorable direction.
7.    Lot size calculation rule: we use fixed lot size or calculate lot size like percent from account balance.

I hope this information can help you to creare good descripton for forex robot programming.

Programming for FIX API Accounts

If you code strategy for FIX API trading, you can save your time and money, using FIX API Trader. FIX API Trader allows you to use your forex robot code for MT4 platform on FIX API Accounts. You just need to make some changes. The most important thing is determining what kind of orders will you use for FIX API Accounts.

FIX API Brokers Allows a lot of types of orders:

1.    Market order
2.    Limit GTC orders (analog for MT4 limit orders).      A Good-Til-Cancelled (GTC) order is an order to buy or sell a stock that lasts until the order is completed or cancelled. Brokerage firms typically limit the length of time an investor can leave a GTC order open. This time frame may vary from broker to broker.

3.    IOC Limit order.   An immediate or cancel order (IOC) requires all or part of the order to be executed immediately, and any unfilled parts of the order are canceled. Partial fills are accepted with this type of order duration, unlike a fill-or-kill order, which must be filled immediately in its entirety or be canceled.
4.    FOK Limit order. A fill or kill (FOK) order is "an order to buy or sell a stock that must be executed immediately"—a ... "most commonly used when your order is for a large quantity of stock and is usually a market or limit order that requires immediate execution"
5.    Stop orders. Some FIX API Brokers like LMAX, offer stop orders, but usually stop order execute like market order and can be slipped
If your expert advisor depends from slippage, we recommend to use IOC order. It helps you to control slippage. (it works like MT4 instant execution).

Our company programmed 6,000+ forex robots and indicators for our customers and we have no negative feedback on ourcoding service. We can help to program any kind of forex robot for the following platforms: MT4, MT5, JForex, FIX API. We can also make integration with web. You can request any kind of programming here