Hello everyone, we have a very exciting announcement to make - not just for us, but also for you. If you’re a forex trader, you will appreciate the good news that we’re about to share.

BJF Trading Group is now partnered with Forex Kingdom Markets (FXKM) a brokerage firm under an ASIC license. Why ASIC? It is one of the world’s strictest regulatory environments. In our experience, many other regulators appear to favour brokers in case of financial disputes.

FXKM is linked to  several premium liquidity providers. What do we want to accomplish?

We would like to fill the gap in trading transparency and provide an  ideal environment for traders who use trading systems. We will do that by offering very competitive commission, access to top liquidity providers with very low and raw spreads also utilising Straight Through Processing(STP) order execution.

Our goal is to offer you competitive and reasonable commission fees, to give you spreads that are raw and low - that is, spreads that we get from liquidity providers - and to make it possible for you to use any trading system you want.

At the present time, we cannot take on arbitrage traders for one simple reason: our volume is not quite high enough yet for the liquidity provider to accommodate toxic flow, as arbitrage trades are known. When no more than 10-15% of total volume is toxic flow, liquidity providers are much more flexible, because the vast majority of all orders are non-toxic; but we’re not quite there.

However as our trading flow grows, we certainly hope that we’ll be able to increase our toxic flow acceptance thresholds. At this point FXKM, can accommodate any other strategies such as scalping, news-trading strategy, and any other non-arbitrage trading strategies you like. We’ll do our best to make sure that your orders get the best price possible and that order execution times are minimal.

High tech trading infrastructure, less than 1ms ping to FXKM server in London, FIX/API trading, ASIC regulation, various payment methods, vast range of tradable assets such as US,EU,ASIAN shares, CFD’s, Futures and the list goes on all under your fingertips.

To empower you, we will also provide you with all sorts of services that will help you trade. Aside from trading advice, we will offer you additional tools, indicators, and professional support that you’ll be able to use in your accounts.

We are happy to offer now ProScalpingUltra forex robot, Statistical Arbitrage Software, PowerTradeCopier  for free for all FXKM  live users.

We want to boost trading volumes as much as we can so that we can increase our non-arbitrage trading flow to the point where we can take on more sharp flows. Again, the higher the non-toxic trading volume, the higher the toxic flow acceptance thresholds which will allow traders who want to use arbitrage robots to do so but at a later stage. Our main priority in the interim is to create a large flow of volume by providing you the client a real advantage of no dealing desk intervention with Straight-through Processing (STP) execution.

Join FXKM on this prosperous journey so you the client can be rewarded with benefits of VIP access to unlimited arbitrage strategies once we achieve this milestone.

FXKM will soon be featuring selected and tested PAMM account and money managers as well where you can simply invest your money and collect your profit. This will come soon…

Basically, we’ll do everything we can to help you. We want you to trade and to help create trading volume, but we also want you to make money. We want our traders to be successful and to win because if you win we win. That’s why I said at the beginning that this was good news - not just for us, but also for you. We want to create a marketplace where traders can make money, where the trading environment is fair to traders, and where the people overseeing the marketplace know how to make the trading environment a fair and ideal one for the trading community.

You will be dealing with an AFSL under an ASIC-regulated company, and your funds will be held with one of the most trustworthy banks in the world in Australia. We look forward to building a solid long-term relationship with you. Thank you for your time.