Several our clients received very good results trading DAX with locking arbitrage. We would like to share with you some tricks to help you to make good profit as well.

We do not recommend to trade only DAX. It is much more safe to trade currencies as well. Because you do not need to adjust offset for currencies, but you need to adjust for CFDs and indexes, we recommend to add your brokers hedge pair 2 times, but with different magic numbers and labels.

For example, you have 2 accounts: account 1 and account 2.

You need to add account 1 two times and account 2 two times.


Account 1 (first time added)

Account 2 (first time added)

Account 1 (2d time added)

Account 2 (second time added)


Magic number





Use your own numbers






You can use the same numbers

Hedge broker

Account 2 (first time added)

Account 1 (first time added)

Account 2 (second time added)

Account 1 (2d time added)



First brokers hedging pair Account 1 (in our example it is adss-live 1234567) vs Account 2 (in our example it is Tickmill-live 567890) we will use for currencies trading and we do not need to use auto-offset.

  locking arbitrage account 1 pair 1


 locking arbitrage account 2 pair 1



Second brokers hedging pair Account 1 (2d time added) vs Account 2 (second time added) we will use for DAX (or any other CFDs/Indexes) trading, and we need to use auto-offset.

locking arbitrage account 1 pair 2

And we need to adjust additional symbol mapping. For example, if broker has symbol name DE30 we need to set GDAXI=DE30


 locking arbitrage account 2 pair 2


If broker has symbol name DAX we need to set GDAXI=DAX



For the first hedge brokers pair for currencies we use the same settings.

 locking arbitrage currencies



For DAX we need to check how many decimals for dax has broker. For example, if first broker has 1 decimal (like 12144.5), we need to multiply all parameters in pips by 10. Should be multiplied: S/L, T/P, Min Profit, Trailing step, Slippage, Max spread slow.

 locking arbitrage dax 1 decimal

 If broker has 2 decimals  (like 12144.53), we need to multiply by 100.


 locking arbitrage dax 2 decimals


To run offset auto calculation you need to connect slow brokers first, and only when brokers will be connected – connect fast feed. Softa=ware should calculate offset for DAX within 1 min.

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