We are often asked how we can utilize a copier, and I would like to give some advice and clarify what can be done using the power trade copier and what cannot be done.

Copy signals from demo to live

Often we get asked, that if your advisor is working on a demo account but not a real account, is it possible to copy signals from the demo account onto the real account so trading will be more profitable. No, you cannot do this as the problem is not in the need to copy from a demo account to a real account but that on a real account the execution time is higher, than on a demo account. This creates slippage. Why is the time higher? This could be for two different reasons, in most cases the broker uses a liquidity provider and you are not working just with the mt4 server but the signal goes through the liquidity provider before coming back to you. This is why the execution time is higher on a real account, and you often see slippage. On a demo account, you are just working with an mt4 server, hence the execution time will be lower. Some brokers will also increase execution time on demo accounts so the trader can get accurate conditions, but the copier won’t solve this problem.


Reverse a strategy that is always losing

We are also often asked if you can reverse a strategy that is always losing, and reverse it so it is always winning. Yes, when you are using the copier you can reverse the trades, but the likelihood of the strategy working just as well in the other direction is extremely low. For these two issues, the copier cannot provide a solution.

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Reduce your workload

So what can the copier do? On the screen now you can see the powertradecopier, and this is the best copier that is available on the market. With the help of this copier, you can solve a multitude of issues and do a variety of things. The first one is if you have a trading system, maybe a manual one or an advisor, and you want to trade on multiple accounts, for example, mt4 or mt5 accounts, maybe jForex, FIX API, cTrader. You can add all of these accounts as subaccounts, like a slave account, and add one master account on which you can trade. All of the orders will be copied onto your sub-accounts. So basically you can set up how you want to copy, like what coefficient, it could be proportional to your balance, to your equity, or for example set up a fixed lot for every terminal which you will be copying on. This will help you reduce your workload, as you trade on one account but the signal Is sent to multiple.

 Instead of the coding service, you can just use the copier.

Another problem you can solve using the copier is when you have an advisor on mt4 and you want to for example rewrite it for mt5, you will need a coding service, which is expensive. In order to avoid this, you can put your copier on mt4 and copy it using the copier onto the mt5 account. In this case, you can use as many advisors as you have and not need to rewrite them. So instead of the coding service, you can just use the copier.

Making the strategy better

The third problem you can deal with using the copier is making your strategy better. What does this mean? So, for example, you have accounts that are connected, and on your master account you put the advisor, and in the advisor, you can have some parameters which we do not like, but cannot change. For example, your advisor is giving away your stop loss to the broker, or the advisor has a short or long stop loss. All of this can be changed using the copier. 

Firstly as I have already told you, you can calculate the lot on your sub-account using different methods, for example using a ratio, setting it one to one or two to two, using a fixed lot, using your balance, percent of equity, and so on. This also helps your advisor be improved, for example, if you bought signals which you want to copy and the trader is using a certain lot, you can change the lot on your account, to your own parameters.

Also, you are able to copy signals using different methods, by changing and for example copying stop-loss after the order is opened, or you don't have to copy the magic number, you can set a new magic number, set the new stop loss, change comments, remove comments and so on. All of these features allow the copier to change these while copying. You can also only copy certain orders with a certain magic number, so if you are copying someone's signals and there are many advisors at play, you can choose only ones which you prefer and put this into the filter of the copier. You can also copy filtered which have certain stop-loss, for example, if you don't want a long stop loss you can choose not to copy this in order to avoid large losses. It same things with take-profit. You can choose the time which you want to copy in, which time you don't want to copy in, which orders you want to copy and which you do not. Also, copy signals with a certain lot and vice versa. In the expanded tab you can see that you can reverse, and you can correct the price, hide orders, and then copy them only when they are active, and so on.

The same thing goes for stop loss, you can correct the level of stop-loss, set stop loss and take profit as they are on the master account, or set them based on the order which opened on the sub-account, you can change the stop loss and take profit, and all of these functional features which will allow you to customize and improve the strategy which you are copying. It is also very important that you can hide your expert advisor from the copier.

Manual trading emulation

This is because the order which is opened on the master account side will be copied using the advisor, will look like manual trading. Let's try to copy something, and we can see that the order is instantly opened on the sub-account. If I close the order on the master account, then the order will automatically close on the sub-account. I will show you here that this order that we opened, will look like an order which is placed manually. If you can see here, this order looks as if it opened manually, regardless of how you opened orders on the master account. These are some things which you can use the copier for, have a great day thank you for listening.

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