VIP Multi-Leg Arbitrage Software v. 7.16- What's New

We would like to present two VIP Multi Leg Arbitrage Software importance improvements:
1. Offset auto calculation has been improved. Filter for unusual values falling out of the normal range for offsets was added. Offset calculation formula was improved. This improvements are very important for indices/CFDs trading.

2. A filter has been added that protects the arbitrage software from triggering when the difference between quotes increases due to a decrease in the spread. Now the software can control what percentage the spread in "Difference to open" and "Difference to close".

VIP Multi-Leg Arbitrag Software spread control

You can prepdefing spread control parameters for each side

multi-leg arbitrage software spread control options

Enabled - spread analysis enabled or not

Number of previous ticks - the "depth" of the story for checking the spread. If you put 1, only the previous tick will be taken. The maximum depth that you can specify is 10.

Max spread compression - indicate what maximum part in the detected difference compression spread can take. If we have 30% as in the picture, and let's say the difference is fixed at 100 points, and the spread narrowed by 31 points, then the deal will not open.

VIP MT4 Latency Arbitrage v. 4.2 - What's new

If you use VIP MT4 Latency Arbitrage Software on LD4 or NY4 VPS with UltraFXVPS, and it's IP address starts with "185.95...", with the new network technique we provide you ability to receive quotes from our feeder with even ultra low latency comparing to common feeder connection.

To switch to this new mode, you need to select "Cross connected" in fast feed properties (this feature will be available only on VPS within network) .

vip mt4 latency arbitrage feed

In the near future we will also add this ability for FXVM VPS users.

vip latency arbitrage ticks number

Also, for all users of the program we created new information panel,  that shows the updates frequency (average  number of ticks per second ) . This value is refreshed each 30 seconds. If you have  zero frequency for more than 30 seconds, please check your fast feed connection log for errors. 

MT5 Connector

We have updated mt5 direct connectors In VIP Multi-Leg Arbitrage Software, VIP MT5 Lock Arbitrage Software and VIP MT5 Latency Arbitrage Software. In previous version of connector, if you were disconnected from mt5 server for some reason, the  connector was not able to send the orders, giving you the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". In the last version this problem should be resolved.