We receive a lo of questions which one arbitrage forex software is better, but there is no unambiguous answer to this question like there is no unambiguous answer to question, like which one forex robot is better. The answer depends from your trading preferences (profit/risk preferences) and your target. Different traders have different targets and trading preferences and for this reason we will try to create a comparison table with all the pros and cons.

latency arbitrage vs hedge arbitrage vs locking arbitrage

First, I would like to briefly explain trading algorithm for each arbitrage software to understand how it works and what is the difference between each other.

Forex Latency Arbitrage or one leg (1 side) Arbitrage EA

Latency Arbitrage Software compares prices between fast feed (source of fast quotes) and prices on your account. When software find a difference and if this difference higher then difference to open, software will open order on your account in the direction of price movement on fast feeder. read more...

Hedge Arbitrage or two legs (2 sides) Arbitrage EA

Two sides arbitrage software is a classic arbitrage trading software.

Hedge Arbitrage Software compares prices between your two accounts (fast feeder is not involved in this type of arbitrage trading). When software find a difference, software will send 2 opposite orders buy and sell to two accounts almost in the same time. Then software will close both orders when opposite arbitrage situation appear. read more...

Locking Arbitrage Software

Locking Arbitrage Software is variety of latency arbitrage innovated by our company. Locking arbitrage compares prices between fast feeder and your two accounts. Both accounts already have opened opposite orders (locks). When arbitrage situation appear, software will close 1 order and then reopen it on another side. read more...

Сomparison table  with all the pros and cons Forex Latency Arbitrage ,Hedge Arbitrage EA, Locking Arbitrage Software



Forex Latency Arbitrage

Hedge Arbitrage

Locking Arbitrage

Profitability (monthly)

100% and higher



Risk level

Almost 0



Minimal deposit if broker support 0.01 lot size




Possible problems with broker

Broker can change trading conditions (execution time / slippage) after 1-2 weeks

Broker can change trading conditions only if broker has anti-arbitrage add-on based on fast feed read more

No problem

Platforms availability

MT4 / FIX API

MT5

cTrader 

MT4 / FIX API   


MT4 / FIX API   



Our Recommendations

We recommend to use this software if your goal to make fast money for small accounts 100 – 1000usd


For long time trading and (or) higher deposits We recommend to use together with Locking arbitrage

Good and save solution for all type of accounts and all size of deposits. The best combination: FIX API vs MT4

Good and save solution for all type of accounts and all size of deposits