Hello, today i will show you how to configure VIP Lock Arbitrage Software for MT4 accounts and VIP Lock Arbitrage for MT5 accounts for trading on one account. This work has meaning only when your broker has different liquidity for different symbols. For example if your broker has symbols with a suffix and without a suffix at the same time, then in most cases different suffixes means different liquidity. If your broker has the pair EURUSD and EURUSD s, they wil have different liquidities but you can check with your broker. In this case you can use lock for these pairs.

lock arbitrage different liquidities

Also, it is often the case that the broker has cash cfd and futures which are also cleared by different liquidity providers. Here i showed you euro usd and euro us s ad well as d30 and the future contract d30z0, and us30 and us30z0. So how will we configure our software in this case. Here you see that i opened the settings for the hedging pair and entered the same account twice, an account with the same credentials.

Lock arbitrage on 1 account setup

I named them differently for the different brokers, but the rest is the same. It is added twice, for the left and the right sides. Next we need to complete mapping. If we are using EURUSD pair without the suffix we wont put anything into post fix, on the other account we will put post fix as s. So the lock will happen between EURUSD and EURUSDs. Ww will do the same thing for our CFDs and futures, on the left side we will put the same as we see on the fast feed, so GDAXI and WS30, and after the equal signs we will put the name we have on the broker, d30 and us30 as cash indices. The names could be different but in this example i named them like so. If you are using lock on the same symbol which is using on the same liquidity you will do the same mapping for both brokers. So you will write s or don't write anything, and if the symbols are on the same liquidity, it is more risky as your account may be flagged very quickly. So when you have a locking pair such as EURUSD buy and EURUSD sell, by going to the same liquidity provider, this account will probably get flagger much more quickly. For the rest of the settings, i also displayed them. So you have to allow virtual comments, this will give you the opportunity not to sent the broker comments and magic numbers and the trading for the broker will be seen as manual instead of like an expert advisor.

Video: How to configure VIP Lock Arbitrage

Next I configured the closing of orders at 4:55 pm. If your server has New York time then you should also set it to 4:55, so the orders close on Wednesday at 4:55 so you avoid the triple swap. You close these orders and then reopen after 600 seconds. So i need to make this clear, on Wednesday at 5, the triple swap will happen so this time needs to be in your vps.  I also configured offset calculations for indices, the period being set as 2 and the interval at 60 and the min tick number is set to 0 for both the first and second accounts. Now we need to set the pauses between locks to two seconds and before opening the lock 10 seconds and between arbitrage orders, 60 seconds. This will give you a chance to avoid any problems on the broker’s side. You can also select connect on startup and click apply, here you will see the configuration of the table, so the grid for pairs, on currencies, you will input as it is on the fast feeder, without any symbols, and for the indices same thing, GDAXI and ws30 will be put as they are seen originally. You need to note that GDAXI and WS30 have probably two digits after the decimal so stop loss and take profit was multiplied by min profit, difference to open was multiplied by ten . You can also play with these values yet for the beginning our numbers are pretty good.

lock arbitrage grid settings

I also configured step calculation for indices, as for indices of a slow broker and indices on the feeder will be shifted. I also put opposite locks on correlating pairs so that the pressure on the deposit would be smaller. So if a pair correlates, you will see lock buy here and lock sell here. If the market moves to one side the strain on the deposit will be keels. I did this for the rest of the symbols as well. The magic numbers will all be 0 and for comments grid 1 and grid 2 can be anything. This is done in internally for the program to work. So the broker wont see these comments. So what else we can do to camouflage our arbitrage strategy? Maybe you can set the lot size for the left and right sides to be different from each other. If it is 0.1 here you can put 0.11 on this one. Or for example 0.5 and 0.49. In this case, orders and locking orders will be of different sizes which allows the broker to not see your strategy. This is not required but could be done.  Goodluck!

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