Based on the results of numerous studies and feedback from our customers, we would like to offer you the option of Locking Arbitrage settings.

How to open accounts for Locking Arbitrage Software

To use 2 account with the same broker for Locking arbitrage software  you should follow some rules: 

  • accounts should be registered under different names;
  • accounts should be opened at different times (at least few days between sign-ups);
  • accounts should be registered from different locations/IPs (home PC and VPS for example);
  • deposited amounts should be equitable but not the same;
  • you should start trading with 1-2 currency pairs but not all available.

Locking Arbitrage Trade pause

First of all re-emphasize the need for a trade pause. Trade pause helps to reduce the probability of being identified as arbitrage trader by a broker to near zero. We recommend to use trade pause between 121 sec (2 min 1 sec ) and 300 sec (5 min)  it will not affect software performance. You can set trade pause in broker’s parameters. You need to use trade pause for hedge broker as well.

lock arbitrage trade pause

Pic. 1 - Locking Arbitrage Trade pause


Lock arbitrage trade settings

“S/L” – stop loss. If your broker is not extremely slow, that is, the delay in price movement is not high, you can use short stop loss (0.5-1 pips). It will help to improve performance a lot;

“T/P” – it is not so important parameter for locking arbitrage and can be high, but you can try to use values 10-20 pips (100-200 points for VIP version);

 “Pips For Min profit” – Distance in pips between open price and current price, when software will start trailing stop.  We recommend to use value  ~ 3;


“Min profit” – if it is possible, after the breakeven point was crossed, (and “pips for min profit” value reached and if pips for min profit is not 0), the order stop loss will be modified (if possibility exists) to breakeven price +(-) this value (in pips)  to fix you guaranteed profit.  After that the order stop loss will be trailed with Trailing step size (if it zero no trailing will be performed). We recommend to use value ~1.5 -2 pips to cover possible slippage;


It helps to reopen the order not at the moment of the arbitration situation but a little later and thereby reduce the slippage even in the case of higher execution time.

“Trailing step” – we recommend to use trailing step 2 pips to avoid fast operation in a fast market;

“ Difference to open” - difference between price on fast and price on slow broker for order opening. This value can be small 1.5 -2 pips.

locking arbitrage modern settings

pic. 2 - Lock Arbitrage Settings grid

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