LMAX offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash CFDs  with access via FIX API protocol now. It is possible to check prices on their website: https://www.lmax.com/crypto-CFD-live-prices

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lmax contract spec for crypto currencies cfds

LMAX has a number of advantages over other companies

Streaming, firm limit order liquidity:

  • No ‘last look’ order rejections
  • Transparent prices on tighter spreads
  • Consistent multi-level market depth
  • Regulated, trusted trading environment
  • Proven, robust technology


If you own license for Crypto Arbitrage Software and VIP Hedge Software, you have an opportunity to do arbitrage trading between LMAX via FIX API and MT4,

crypto arbitrage between mt4 and fix api

or LMAX via FIX API and other FIX API broker who offers crypto trading as well,

crypto arbitrage between 2 fix api brokers

or LMAX and Crypto Exchanges: gdax, kraken, bitfinex, bitstamp, bitmex, binance, poloniex, bittrex, deribit, okcoin, cex.io, huobi.

crypto arbitrage between fix api and exchange

It is good opportunity because:

  • You can keep your deposit in USD or EUR on LMAX
  • LMAX offer leverage 1:2
  • LMAX has the best execution time via FIX API (around 4ms)

If you use LMAX vs MT4 or vs crypto exchange, you can set “open/close order first” on MT4 or crypto exchange side.

crypto arbitrage open or close other side first

In this case if MT4 or crypto exchange, for some reason,  reject your order, software will not open order on LMAX side as well.

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