NewsGrid Forex Robot for FIX API Trader v. 5.1 - What’s new?

Very often during the release of important economic news, we can observe a fast  "fake" price movement in the opposite direction before the price starts moving in the "right" direction, caused to news released. In this case NewsGrid Forex robot for FIX API Trader can oppen order in wrong direction.

We have added filter, which should help you to filter out “fake” price movements.


pi_ModifyStepPips  = 20;     //Price swing ModifyStepPips to reset Pending orders at previous distance, pips


If price will change on  value higher thenModifyStep , robot will move pending orders to Distance level. Etc. before high tick reach pending level.

Robot use virtual (hidden) pending orders and when price reach pending level, robot sends limit IOC order to FIX API Broker.


How to trade exotic currencies news?

Sometimes it is safer and more profitable to trade exotic currencies news.  provides only information about news releases with impact only on most important  currencies,

forexfactory news calendar

but you can use manual news release time setup

pb_GridUseManualStartTime = true;     //Use manual grid start time setting

ps_GridManualStartTime    = "18:43:00";//Grid manual start time, trade server time

(ps_GridManualStartTime     - it is your PC or VPS time)


and another economic news calendar. For example or

Where you can find news release data/time for exotic currencies like CNY, KRW, INR, RUB, ZAR, BRL…

news calendar

We also plan to add possibility to setup manually list of news (for 1 week) for trading. If you have any ideas - are you welcome to share! Please subscribe to our telegram channel and don't miss any important info.