We have received a lot of questions and some good ideas from our clients after we published articles:

  1. Trading Nonfarm Payrolls
  2. Trading the news
  3. How to use FIX API Trader for several FIX API Accounts on one VPS

A lot of our clients use our software for news trading and several of them agreed to share their experience with us and our clients. We published the most interesting comments.

news trading

Antony G.

Trading Software:  FIX API Trader for news trading and Locking Arbitrage.

Strategy: I use locking arbitrage 24/5  and fix api trader during only important news period.

Locking Arbitrage

I use shorter SL then you recommend (0.8-1.2 pips) and TP =5-6 pips

Diff to open 2 instead of 3.

Average profit: 5-10% / week.

Brokers: MT4, FIX API.

Our comments: Yes, these settings will work well with low spread brokers.

FIX API Trader.

 I sent order with sl =20 -30 pips and TP = 60-100 pips  when news was released and then move sl to breakeven level using MSLBE button.

Average profit: 10-15% for 1 news release.

Our comments: For our opinion 15% of profit is high risk trading.

Ariyou K.


Trading Software:  Latency Arbitrage (1-leg) with Manual Trading Emulation add-on and News add-on and Locking Arbitrage.

Strategy: Latency arbitrage for news trading only and Locking Arbitrage for all time trading on the same accounts.

Locking Arbitrage

Recommended settings. Recommended VPS. Recommended Brokers.

Average profit: 20% month

Brokers: MT4


Latency Arbitrage

I use Latency arbitrage only on important economic news (high impact)  

SL = 7- 10;  TP = 50 diff to open 2-5

Manual Trading emulation add-on

News add-on settings: start trading 2 min before news. Stop trading 20 min after news.

Brokers: MT4

Our comments: It is good combination.


Felix F.

Trading Software:  FIX API Trader with Included EAs: ProScalpingUltra and HF-trading

I use ProScalpingUltra for 3 currencies (you recommend only EURUSD & GBPUSD) I also use for USDJPY.

I do not use HF-scalping.

 I switch off Scalper before important news and trade manually. I keep open several windows for involved in news currencies. Orders; Market FOK (cTrader) or Limit FOK.  I use preconfigured Trailing stop after BE level  (Trailing distance 15 pips, step 1 pip)

Brokers: FIX API and cTrader via FIX API

Average profit: 20 -40% per month. 


Based on this comments and software combinations we prepared 3 packages with extra discounts:

Package 1:

FIX API Trader (value $1000) more info...

ProscalpingUltra Expert Advisor (value $480) more info...

HF-Scalping Expert advisor (value $491) more info...

Locking Arbitrage (value $640) more info...

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Package 2:

Locking Arbitrage (value $640) more info...

Latency (1-leg) Arbitrage (value $500) more info...

News Add-on (value $169)

Manual Emulation (for Locking arbitrage and Latency Arbitrage) (value $529) more info...

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Price: $995 BUY NOW

Package 3:

Locking Arbitrage (value $640) more info...

Latency (1-leg) Arbitrage (value $500) more info...

News Add-on (value $169)

Free Installation and life time Support

Price: $795 BUY NOW