Why do you need a splitter in the first place?

Some of you might know that if you have a FIX API account, you can only use it with one application. If you try to enter the same user credentials in 2 different applications, one of these applications won’t work. At the same time, opening more than one FIX API account can be cumbersome. For example, LMAX requires a minimum of $10,000 to set up a FIX API account, so opening 3-4 FIX API accounts will be very expensive. This is a FIX API limitation. For that reason, it’s best to use a splitter. 

This is where FIX API Splitter comes in. FIX API Splitter lets you split one FIX API account into several FIX API accounts and then use these accounts in your multiple applications. These applications can be on the same computer or on the same VPS where the splitter is installed, or they can be on different VPSs. 

On following image we provided example of setup. For example we have 3 FIX API Accounts and one of them LMAX FIX API Account. In this case we can split LMAX account on several inner accounts and use some of them like own  fast feed for Latency arbitrage or Lock Latency Arbitrage and some of them for trading. You can use LMAX for trading in VIP Multileg software to pair LMAX with slow MT4 accounts and FIX API accounts.

fix api splitter usage


Other 2 accounts (By the way, you can have multiple clearing accounts. If you have several FIX API accounts, that’s fine, you can use all of them to create internal accounts. ) we can split on internal FIX API accounts and use for FIX API Traders, VIP Lock Arbitrage for FIX API Accounts, VIP MultiLeg Arbitrage. 

As far as the internal accounts are concerned, there is no limit on their number. However, typically, 5 or 6 accounts are usually sufficient; there’s no reason to have more. But if you do want to have more, you can. If you want 100 internal accounts, the system will let you do it. 

VIDEO: How to use one FIX API Account for several applications

You can create setup which helps you not only use one FIX API account for several applications but helps you to camouflage your toxic trading activity. For example you can use MT4 expert advisors on FIX API account via FIX API Trader togather with arbitrage software Forex News Auto Trading Software

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