Some of our users prefer to use scalping expert advisors (scalping MT4 EAs) instead of arbitrage. To be frank with you scalping EAs not so sensitive to broker like arbitrage software, but it is not risk free like arbitrage or high frequency strategies.

It is also good to use scalping EA together with arbitrage software to camouflage arbitrage.

Several years ago we created scalping but not high frequency EA – LRS or ProScalpingUltra for terminal MT4. This EA shows good results on 4 currencies GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURUSD and USDCAD. Expert Advisor based on several standard indicators: MA, CCI, ATR, RSI, Williams and statistical formulas has no martingale or grid money management and fixed SL and TP levels.

You can use fix lot for trading or lot = percent from account balance

We started test in Feb 2016 with initial deposit 4000 and fixed lot size = 1 standard lot. Maximal drawdown for all test period was 15.7%

lrs scalping EA tests

We did not change any settings since 2013 and EA still works well. All settings the same for 3 currencies. This again emphasizes the reliability of the adviser.

It will be not true to say that you can use EA with any MT4 broker, because a lot of broker has large spreads and slippage and it can affect performance. We recommend true ECN brokers only.

We also have another solution. If you buy FIX API Trader software, we provide LRS robot fully adopted for FIX API Trader software. In this case you can open fix api account and use LRS on fix api account. We also provide several other EAs with fix api trader. 

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