VIP Multi-Leg Arbitrage Software has some benefits for users who would like to manage large deposits. When I say large, I mean deposit 20k and higher. You need large amount, then for example for MT4 Lock Arbitrage, because it is better to compare FIX API Broker with FIX API Broker or FIX API Broker with MT4 Broker.
In approx.90 percent of cases LMAX FIX API is chosen by one of the brokers. Moreover, a combination of one LMAX FIX API account versus several FIX API or/and MT4 accounts is configured.

vip hedge lmax vs slow broker

This type of configuration resolves couple problems:
1.    It is only 1 LMAX FIX API Account with minimal deposit 10k requires;
2.    This configuration allows trader to create large trading volume on LMAX account to cover minimal commissions level;
3.    LMAX has no last look and for this reason execution time around 4ms and low slippage.

LMAX has several endpoints: London, New York, Tokyo. You need to select endpoint depending from where you another side broker(s) server is located. Do not confuse the place of the address of the broker with server location. You need to check server location. To check MT4 server location, you need to open .srv file from MetaTrader/config/ folder with any text editor. Find IP address and check via service like
If your brokers in Europe – you need LMAX UK, for Asia – LMAX Tokyo, etc.
In order to get the best results, software should be installed on cross-connected to LMAX dedicated server or VPS and LMAX feed should be unthrottled (1000 update per sec.). If you want to open account with LMAX, please contact us via email  and we will help you to open faster right one and  get better conditions. 

Some VIP Multi-leg (Hedge) Arbitrage settings help to hide arbitrage activity. If you use small “Diff. to open” and higher “Diff. to close” (position 1), software works in lock arbitrage manner: software opens trades on “quiet” market and close when arbitrage situation appears.  

vip hedge arbitrage settings

“Max diff to open” and “Max close” (position 2) help to avoid arbitrage situations arising due to equipment delays, in case of significant economic news releases or market makers plug-ins, and to process only arbitrage situations caused by a difference in liquidity providers quotes.  “Order lifetime” and “Trade pause” (position 3) also hides arbitrage activity.
If you trade LMAX vs very slow broker with possible orders rejects, you can use Open method” Open side1 or 2 first”. You can set to open order first on slow broker and if order will not be rejected – open on LMAX opposite hedge order. If order was rejected on slow side, software will not open on LMAX side.