We updated our VIP Latency Arbitrage and added news filter. News filter allows you to trade only on news or  vice versa to trade during when there is no news.

news filter for vip latency arbitrage

Pic.1 - News Filter for VIP Latency Arbitrage

Software loads economic news calendar and you can adust how do you want to display economic news calendar. For example you cad add filter by currencies and show calendar only for majors or you can tick "Include high" and software will display news calendar for high impact news only.

To activate filter, you need to tick "Enabled" and check wich mode you need "Trade on news" or "Don't trade on news".

  • Trade on news - this mode is more useful for traders who wants to make fast profit and who doesn't care about how long his acount will be not flagged by broker for toxic activity;
  • Does't trade on news - this mode is more useful for traders who wants to use account for longer time and do not be flagged for longer time.

VIP Latency Arbitrage - Other the most valuable benefits

1.    Faster connection to MT4 server (approx. 30 ms faster) then standard latency arbitrage;
2.    Manual emulation mode with no loss of speed (all trades look for broker like manual trading activity);
3.    Low CPU usage;
4.    Better logging;
5.    Professional interface. It has more functionalities and settings;
6.    Fully compatible with IPs Changer – helps to have different IP addresses for account with the same broker. 

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