VIP Multi-leg (Hedge) Arbitrage Software – pro version of standard hedge (2-legs) arbitrage. It  is fully automated arbitrage software for professional traders, allows traders to compare quotes between several MT4 and FIX API accounts/brokers ( Special ultrafast connectors for MT4 and FIX API allows to receive quotes and send orders faster then for standard version) and finds arbitrage situations. When arbitrage situation appears, software opens opposite orders and hedged arbitrage profit and than software is waiting for opposite arbitrage situation to close hedge position.

VIP Multi-Leg (Hedge) Arbitragee Software v.4.3.1 - What’s new ?

1.    We’ve added FXCM hedge and netted FIX API accounts connector. If you want to use hedge accounts  - you need to check Hedging account,  if for your account new order results in new position.

fxcm fix api connector

2.    We added possibility to create offset group. The concept is when you change offset value in the grid for one pair, offset values for all the other pairs values related to this group will also be changed to the value you've provided.  To Create offset groups, right click and select Manage offset groups.

hedge arbitrgae offset for group

In the table that appeared right click and you will see the menu, with which yo can mange offset groups.

hedge arbitrage software groups offset colour
Then in hedging pairs properties you can assign to which offset group pair belongs from a dropdown. To erase group association just erase the value in dropdown (leave empty value there)

hedge arbitrage group offset activation
3.    It is possible now to collect stats for pair for future analyze. To configure statistics recording for pair, you need to select pair, right click and select Hedging Pair -> Record statistics

hedge arbitrage software stats
You will see the window

hedge arbitrage software stats settings

Here parameters mean

Enabled - collect statistics on this pair or not
New record group:
On tick from 1st - new record will be added when we have tick from 1st side
On tick from 2nd - new record will be added when we have tick from 2nd side
On tick from 1st and 2nd - new record will be added when we have tick from 1st and 2nd side
Each N seconds -  new record will be added after each N seconds are passed
Fields group: In this group you select what fields each record line will contain. You can uncheck unnecessary fields to save the memory.
File output group :
Separator  - symbol that will be used for fields separation in file
Extension - extension for result files with statistics
Time format  -  how the record Time field should be formatted (MM - month, dd- day of the month, yyyy - year, HH - hour (in 0 -23 format), mm - minutes, ss - seconds, fff - milliseconds). So by default it will contain date and time in format like 10.08.2018 10:22:12.123
Flush interval - time interval for new file output (in seconds). So value 300 means file will be produced each 10 minutes.

Video About VIP Multi-Leg Arbitrgae Software